Future of the computing

We want to simplfy and define the future of computing with user-centric design and real-life experiences

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A new way of computing and user experience. Cult is offering you a user-centric hadrware and software design with full of new exclusive features for your daily life. You can improve your creativity with a simple touch of our technogies.

Modular Design

We are designing compute hardwares & software with modular design and upgradable hardware parts. You don't need to change the whole hardware every year. You will always have the latest and greatest performance with our technology.

Software Support

Cult provides 5 years software support for CultOS and provides exclusive features with this operating system. Other operating systems will be supported with every hardware release to make your device to work with the best performance.

Meet the Team

Experience masters and the makers work together for you!

Cult Computing

“In Cult we believe in the designing the experice. Technology must be a part of this process and it must be upgradabble in time. The best user experience is the long lasting one. Our goal is creating living products with your experience and our expertise. ” — Gokhan Gokce / Founder

Cult Computing

“Building-up a winner team is a part of our mission. We are aiming to create a great work atmosphere with good work/life balance while making great things together. Work hard, party hard. The real satisfaction will be creating living products with our environment ” — Clem Louise / Head of People & Culture

Cult Computing

“Designing a consumer product and making it real is always a big journey. In Cult, we will follow-up the latest design guidelines with creativity and innovative ideas and we will make them happen with the latest production tehcnologies. ” — Maximilian Schmidt / Head of Production

Cult Computing

“The Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained. Nature always will be one of our source of inspration with proper user-centric data and experience. Our goal is creating living products. ” — Adam Young / CPO

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Re-inventing computing with a mobile touch and powerful software

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